Lisa Smith is a very unique woman of God.  The word unique describes her because it is not easy being a First Lady and having to sacrifice the time that has to be spent away from their husband.  Being a Pastor’s Wife, she has to be patient, longsuffering and most of all an anointed woman of prayer.   First Lady Smith wears her role gracefully, and beautifully.  She loves to pray and she loves to sing.  She lives the example of a Godly woman and encourages the saints to ushers in the presence of God with the anointing that is flows through her awesome singing. 


            Sister Smith is a native of Panama City, Florida.   Sister Smith accepted Christ as her personal savior in January 1986.  She has served in many capacities within the church: Sunday School Teacher, and Hospitality Worker.  She serves as First Lady, Choir Member, and a valuable member of the praise team and the President of the Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC).


            She and her husband are a unified team.  First Lady Smith is a strong supporter of her husband’s ministry, and their strengths and abilities complement each other.  They are awesome together when she’s singing and he’s preaching, or when she’s praying and he’s ministering. Their ministry extends far beyond the church.  They are also a family for those who are away from home.